10 years of experience working with 100+ clients!

The depth of LusterPR’s expertise in major areas such as consumer brands, food & beverage, financial services, fashion & retail, luxury, lifestyle, beauty, healthcare, travel and hospitality, education, publishing, automotive, technology, and others has led to our great track record of success. 

Our greatest strength lies in the fact that our team has extensive experience working with individual profiles and assisting them in quickly rising to the top of their respective marketplaces.

Helping an individual client disseminate her/his thoughts to a wider audience is very different from established brands, and is a much more complex task as well. However, we, at Luster PR, specialize in that area, and have been learning each day from our new clients.

We feel that dealing with a brand that has already established itself in the minds of customers is still simple, but building the goodwill of individuals and assisting them in becoming market leaders is a difficult task, and that’s exactly what we excel at!

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